Finding the right wedding officiant: A modern dilemma

In our time, religion no longer holds a monopoly over the way we live and love. Many individuals do not affiliate with an organized religion, but find meaning and community in other arenas. Those who do take joy in traditional religion often feel freer than ever before to love and marry members of other faiths. Yet for couples in either of these situations, finding a certified wedding officiant too often becomes an unsatisfying choice between a one-sided, traditional ceremony with an unfamiliar clergy person, or else a quick transaction with a civil servant. Your wedding has the potential to be a profound spiritual experience for you and your guests, and you shouldn’t have to miss out on having a ceremony that is soulful, heart-centered, and personally meaningful.

Drawing on my backgrounds as a therapist, musician, and student of religion and spirituality, I help couples envision a moving and memorable ceremony that honors their unique identities and the special character of their love. As a credentialed wedding officiant, I am then able to guide you through the special day and perform a legally binding ceremony firsthand.

How does it work?

There two ways I work with marrying couples:

Option 1: Ceremony Design + Officiation

Several months before the wedding, I will meet with you on three occasions (either in person or by skype): first all together to discuss and develop your vision, and then once separately with each partner so that I can get to know you a bit more personally, and get two unique perspectives on what makes this relationship special. We will keep in close touch by phone and email throughout the process, working on refining our program and taking care of nuts and bolts, coordinating with your vendors, etc. On the day of your wedding, I will be there to perform the ceremony and legally marry you. Contact me for Option 1 rates.

Option 2: Ceremony Design + Officiation + Pre-marital counseling

Option 2 allows you to take advantage of my background as a couples therapist in addition to help with planning and executing the ceremony as described above. Pre-marital counseling has long been a practice in spiritual communities, but in my opinion it’s a darned good idea for anyone in love! Counseling is a bit like therapy, but rather than focusing mainly on problems, it is designed to help you get to know yourselves and each other in new, helpful ways, and come into alignment around your joint and individual intentions for this big next step. You’ll have a chance to each reflect on and communicate your thoughts and feelings about getting and being married: your hopes and anxieties about spending a life together, sharing a home, raising a family, etc. I recommend committing to three to six counseling sessions depending on what you’re looking to work on, and we can figure this out together after our initial consultation. I can offer these session bundles at a discount from my normal psychotherapy fee. Contact me for Option 2 rates.

Get in touch to schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation. And congratulations!