I work with adults of all ages (college and beyond) and backgrounds on a wide range of issues, including:

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • social anxiety and shyness

  • self-esteem

  • trauma and PTSD

  • relationship problems

  • sexuality and sexual identity

  • grief and bereavement

  • and more...

In addition, I have special interest and competency in the following areas:

Therapy For Meditators and Yogis

My approach to therapy makes it an excellent fit for individuals who are experienced in contemplative practices and are in need of more targeted help with a difficult life situation or harmful pattern. Depending on your level of comfort, much of our therapeutic work can take place in a state of mindful self-awareness similar to that achieved during meditation and yoga. That's not to say we'll be spending our time in silence! Rather, we will stay in gentle and spacious contact as I help guide your developed powers of concentration toward aspects of your experience that need more of your curiosity, attention and compassion, and support your safe passage through releases of intense emotion. Sitting across from you as your guide and partner on this journey, I likewise will be operating from a place of mindful attentiveness to you and and to myself, and all in a spirit of metta, loving-kindness.

Men's Issues

It has never been more complicated to identify as a man than it is today. The ways men construct and feel our sense of masculinity are constantly being challenged by rapid social and cultural change, and the consequences show up in every part of life. Many of us feel caught between social and familial pressures to be powerful, fearless protectors/producers on the one hand, and vulnerable, sensitive nurturers on the other. Operating from one extreme end of the continuum or the other can give rise to toxic shame and insecurity, and/or unnecessary conflict with partners, family members, or coworkers. I can work with you to dislodge from unhelpful defenses and beliefs and actualize an integrated, healthy masculinity that will enrich you and the people around you.

Artistic Expression/Creative Blocks

As a musician and writer myself, I am intimately familiar with the agony and the ecstasy of the creative process. If you are a creative professional experiencing a frustrating block, I can help you identify and transform the unconscious beliefs you hold around autonomy, self-expression, and personal worth that are likely getting in your way. Or if you are looking to get inspired and find your original vision, my approach can help put you in touch with the deep story of who you are - the hopes, dreads, and emotional dramas that gave rise to your unique personality, and can become the ingredients of your unique artistic voice. 

Religious and Spiritual Issues

I believe that the feelings and relationships that occur in spiritual life are of equal importance to our mental wellbeing as those relating to family, romance, and career. It's not always the most comfortable or the most helpful choice to turn to a religious teacher or clergy with certain kinds of problems. Perhaps you have a religious lifestyle or spiritual practice, or a relationship with a divine being, that is currently clouded by doubt, confusion, or anger. Or perhaps you grew up in or embraced a religious community, and then made a courageous yet painful decision to leave in order to honor your own truth. Whatever the troubling situation may be, I am available to work with you to find spiritual clarity and healing in a way that is informed, respectful, and free from agenda. I am acquainted with many spiritual traditions and have earned two degrees in the study of religion. 

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