Are you tired of repeating old, unhappy patterns in relationship?

Are you struggling to break free from the shackles of
shame, insecurity and inhibition?

 Are you endlessly self-critical and need to start liking,
and even loving, the person you are?

Do you desire to feel
more awake, more alive, 
and more open to taking important risks?

I  help individuals find relief from unnecessary emotional suffering and discover new possibilities of love and aliveness.

My unique approach integrates psychodynamic therapy with mindfulness and somatic awareness, and works deeply to help you gain crucial insight, experience new ways of being and feeling, and cultivate lasting change.

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About me

I received a doctorate in clinical psychology from Rutgers University Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology. I am also a certified practitioner and teacher-in-training of the Hakomi Method of Mindfulness-Centered Somatic Psychotherapy (CHT=Certified Hakomi Therapist - learn more about Hakomi here), an approach that blends somatic and experiential therapy with mindfulness practices. I have been employed as a clinician at public and veterans hospitals, university counseling centers, and private clinics, and have had the opportunity to work with people from many diverse walks of life. I am a musician and a passionate student of philosophy, spirituality, and the arts, and enjoy drawing on these interests to enrich and expand my work with clients. 

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To love is, first of all,
to accept ourselves as we actually are.

                                                                        -Thich Nhat Hanh